TUFFAK HV polycarbonate sheet is a hard coated product designed for applications that demand high optics and durability. State of the art manufacturing and inspection processes support low optical distortion. The high impact strength of TUFFAK HV polycarbonate provides a level of safety and the advanced hard coat technology offers improved abrasion and chemical resistance and enhanced weathering performance. TUFFAK HV is available in clear, a range of standard tints, or can be custom matched to any color.

  • Transparente
  • Interiores
  • Exteriores
COLORES DISPONIBLES Colores personalizados disponibles.

*Los colores en la pantalla pueden no reflejar los colores equivalentes exactos de las hojas de propiedades físicas.

*Los colores, patrones o tamaños personalizados pueden requerir una cantidad de pedido mínima.

Características y ventajas

High optics

Baja distorsión óptica

Advanced hardcoat technology

Long lasting outdoor weathering performance

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