General Purpose Polystyrene Sheet is economical and easy to process. Ideal for indoor applications. Available in two grades: Transparent General Purpose Polystyrene Sheets (GPPS) and non-transparent High Impact Polystyrene sheets (HIPS).

Thickness 0.9 – 10.0 mm
Width 1000, 1250, 1500 and 2050 mm
Length 500 – 6000 mm

Transparent, opal, brown and gray.

Plazgal GPPS transparent sheets.
Plazgal HIPS – High impact PS sheets – translucent sheet with a higher impact resistance. Available with mat/mat surface or mat/glossy surface.

Aqua, Pinspot, Cracked Ice, NR, G-Tech, K-12

Características y ventajas

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Lower density than PC and PMMA (Density 1.05 g/m3)

Fully recyclable

REACH and RoHS declarations

Estabilización de rayos UV

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